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Published Mar 29, 21
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Sited about 60 miles north of Kansas City, historical St. Joseph was previously the beginning point for Pony Express riders heading west to Sacramento. In town, visitors can see stables where "Wild Expense" ... Read More Sited about 60 miles north of Kansas City, historic St. Joseph was formerly the starting point for Pony Express riders heading west to Sacramento. In town, visitors can see stables where "Wild Costs" Hickok and "Buffalo" Costs Cody saddled up for the daring, 2000-mile journey throughout the plains. Amongst the community's other attractions are the Jesse James Home, where the notorious gunslinger was shot and killed in 1882; the Patee House, once a sophisticated 140-room hotel; and the St.

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Patee Home Museum (About 6 mi from hotel.) Pony Express Museum (About 6 mi from hotel.) Jesse James Home (About 6 mi from hotel.) St. Joseph Civic Arena (About 7 mi from hotel.) St. Joes Frontier Casino 6 miles from hotel 1202 Penn St. St. Joseph, MO St. Joseph is known for the beginning of the Pony Express and the end of Jesse James, and Patee Home played an essential function in both. Integrated in 1858 as a luxury hotel, Patee House worked as the Pony Express primary headquarters from 1860 to 1861. Patee House Museum showcases 2 complete floors of exhibitions.

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6 miles from Hotel 914 Penn St. St. Joseph, MO Visit and experience the numerous educational, interesting, modern exhibitions communicating the need, development, operation and termination of the Pony Express. Suitable and entertaining for any ages, you make sure to be informed by the stories and pictures of an era long passed. 6 miles from Hotel 1202 Penn St. St. Joseph, MO Come see the home where the well-known outlaw Jesse James was shot and killed by fellow gang member Bob Ford on April 3, 1882. Exhibitions inside the home include artifacts from Jesse's grave. Located on the premises of Patee Home Museum.

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Apr. 4.2020 Apr. 4.2020 Due to altering advisories, please check local travel standards before going to. Apr. 4.2020 Saint Joseph, Missouri, is a small city with an abundant history. It was the starting point of the Pony Express and the place where iconic news anchor Walter Cronkite grew up. Not just can you take a trip back in time at the city's museums and learn about the Civil War and the infamous criminal Jesse James, however you can also take in impressive art on the city's downtown sculpture walk. Antique shops and impressive food beckon as well. Here are just 9 factors to make time for historical Saint Joseph.

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Think of needing to wait days-- and in some cases weeks-- for a letter. That was life in the Wild West, when pioneers moved to faraway places like California and Oregon. Then, in 1860, a group of business owners created the Pony Express to bring mail from Saint Joseph to Sacramento, California. Riding on horseback at breakneck speed, each rider carried mail from one station to another. As one rider showed up, another waited to grab the mail and continue on to the next stop. The Pony Express provided mail over a 1,900-mile route. Mail took about 10 days to receive from one side to the other.

With a single click, the Pony Express became outdated. Saint Joseph's Pony Express National Museum, featuring whatever from exhibits highlighting the brain trust behind the operation to display screens covering life along the route, is worth going to. Various museums tell Saint Joseph's story. The Glore Psychiatric Museum chronicles the nearly 150-year history of the state healthcare facility, with an emphasis on the treatment of mental health. The displays respectfully cover actual cases, including that of a client who swallowed more than 1,400 pieces of metal, including security pins and needles. Another patient concealed notes inside the back of an old tv; these were later found and shown at the museum.

Another fascinating regional museum is the Doll Museum, which features about 1,500 dolls and devices from various time periods, including Barbie dolls, Cabbage Patch dolls, and distinct doll houses. The Black Archives Museum highlights the contributions of local African Americans, including the musician Coleman Hawkins and the National Football League star Mike Rucker. The Native American Gallery consists of part of a 4,000-piece collection donated by a Saint Joseph local, consisting of handcrafted pottery and beaded clothes. You can learn about residents' functions in World War I in the History Gallery. Edmond Jacques Eckel developed some of Saint Joseph's best-known buildings, including the Mosaic and the Corby Structure.

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From conventional classical art to large-scale murals covering the sides of downtown buildings, Saint Joseph boasts a vibrant art scene. The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art features oil paintings from the 18th century along with modern art. The museum likewise hosts unique exhibitions. Downtown Saint Joseph is house to remarkable public art, including an iconic statue honoring the city's role in the Pony Express and other sculptures highlighting the city's leader past. A sculpture walk sponsored by the local arts council will take you past a variety of contemporary pieces. In the last few years, artists have actually added epic murals to the sides of the city's historic structures.

As you check out downtown Saint Joseph, you'll wish to check out a few of its special shops, such as the Tobiason Art Glass Studio. Tobiason concentrates on stained glass for churches along with private homes. Some special pieces feature flags and seasonal characters like snowmen, Santa Claus, and so on. Downtown Saint Joseph likewise uses plenty of antique stores, amongst them The Lucky Tiger, which sells classic clothes, house design, and vinyl records. A check out to The Fortunate Tiger is a fun journey down memory lane. As you browse, drop in at Coffee Shop Pony Espresso and get a coffee and a reward. The Patee House Museum & Jesse James House is another must-stop area.

Today, the Patee Home is a popular museum. The Blue Room highlights the work of George Warfel, including portraits of 20 Western figures like Buffalo Bill Cody and Jesse James. Other rooms cover the Civil War, Native Americans, Missouri musicians, and the hotel itself. The primary flooring includes a historic main street display including real Saint Joseph organizations from years past. A working carousel functions hand-carved characters like a hummingbird and Pegasus. Next door to the hotel is the last house Jesse James lived in before he was murdered by Robert Ford. Your house, which was relocated to Saint Joseph from its original website, is a small wood-frame building.